Welcome boys and girls one and all! We have show’s a plenty planned for the rest of summer and fall, so if you find us in your local saloon please share a drink while we sing you a tune. We’ll keep you current but for your day to day check in hop on over to Facebook where we can social mediatize together.
You can also follow us on twitter where we record the mundane moments that make up our lives.

Look above for three tracks from our recent album,
We Lost Our Legs In The War, We Just Can’t Remember Which War
available now for purchase.

Gentlemen of the Road, we don’t stay put for long. Minstrels, peddling our ware to those welcoming and wondering spirits. Gather round, hear a tale, share drink, sing a song and we’ll take you all with us, whilst we follow our trail.


Songs from the road:

Live at KRFC Fort Collins